My view from the sofa

Our Christmas Tree

I love Christmas.  I love what we are celebrating – the birth of Jesus, who died on the cross to save us from our sins.  What an amazing gift.  I love the warmth of having our Christmas tree lit, stockings hung, fireplace going, and the smell of all the baking (no, not me baking, but someone else – neighbors and other people).  And honestly, I love giving gifts.  I love picking out gifts that I know people will really enjoy. 

Last year my oldest son, Josh, wanted to choose all his own gifts.  He didn’t want any surprises, he wanted to be sure he would like everything he got.  I actually think he enjoyed it.  I hated it.  It was no fun for me.  I’m the one spending all the cash.  Shouldn’t it be fun for me, too?? 

This year he has some surprises.  ha!  He is so nervous.  It’s hilarious!  He can be such a teenager – difficult, sassy, etc., so the nervousness is a bit of fun.  I won’t lie.  I cannot wait for him to open his presents.  Fortunately, he will really like what he is getting, so it will be worth the wait.

The baby, Asher, is a bit more difficult.  He doesn’t play with many toys.  He likes our stuff.  He has tons of toys and rarely plays with them.  He likes to play with his daddy’s tools, flashlights that the boys have broken, or anything else that he can try to put together.  So quite honestly, I’m here writing, taking a break from online shopping for Asher T. 

Nathan was easy this year.  Phew!  I need one easy one.  I think he’s finished.  Possibly even done with his stocking, too!

Have you finished your shopping?  Are you braving the shopping centers and malls?  Or are you online shopping?  I like going to the store, touching, and feeling what I’m buying.  Practicality has hit this year and I have a goal of doing all of my shopping online.  If I can manage stocking stuffers online, I will be astounded!  My guess is if I don’t have my online shopping finished this weekend, I will probably have to brave a store or two.  I guess that means I should stop procrastinating and get back to shopping!