I’m so excited! My new laptop arrived today. My husband got a new computer about a month ago and I ordered this one almost a month ago. For some reason because mine arrived the week of Christmas, suddenly he claims this is my Christmas present. I guess that means I’m off the hook for finishing shopping because his has to count, too!

I’m not necessarily one who likes change. Although I am excited about the feel of the new laptop, lighter than the old one, new programs, better OS, etc. I just need to get all “my stuff” onto the new one.

I’ve used the same IT company for over 10 years now. LOVE them! Aspire Technical Solutions,owner Brian Molder. He knows how I like my computer. He fusses at me that I rely on the drop down in Outlook that fills in email addresses that you have typed before. I rarely save the addresses – I just use the drop down. So every time I get a new computer or have something happen, he amazingly retrieves all of those addresses for me and they are still there when I start typing. Other IT people tell you it can’t be done. Yes, Brian can make it happen.

I have 3 email addresses and he will make sure that they all come into my Outlook and I don’t have to look in separate files. They will all come into the same inbox because it is too cumbersome for me to look in different folders.

I know I’m picky and high maintenance. I can justify it… I need to be able to focus on my family and my clients, therefore I do not have time to be searching all over for files and email addresses. I need them to be very readily accessible.

Super cool thing I just discovered – went into the kitchen to talk to my son and his friends for a minute. When I returned to my computer, it gave me a screen brightness choice. I know that many of you have that and are not at all impressed with it, but I didn’t have it. And as I am trying to avoid getting glasses, this whole brightness thing rocks!

I’m off to see what other fun things my laptop does.