I think I mentioned before that I LOVE Christmas!!  Do you have favorite traditions? 

Since my big boys were little, if they were going with their Dad on Christmas Day, we celebrated Christmas Day a day early.  Santa makes exceptions for kids with divorced parents.  Makes it a little easier for him and makes the kids happy…  They get to play with their presents at Mom’s house for a whole day and then go to Dad’s the next day.  Santa is so awesome!

That means that this year, this is our Christmas Eve tonight.  My mom has baked homemade bread and Sticky Buns (the best sticky buns ever).  I have started the breakfast casserole.  All I have to do now is add the eggs, cheese, rotel, and pop it into the oven tomorrow morning.  We are listenting to Christmas songs on Pandora (I guess pre-Pandora we had CD’s), my husband is putting toys together for the baby. 

The stockings are out- except for the grown ups.  When Mom goes to bed, I will put her stuff out, then my husband and I will take turns putting each other’s out and hide it with a blanket.  That brings  another tradition we have. Our stockings don’t really fit into the stockings.  Everyone gets a pile with their stocking in front of it.  We do stockings first on Christmas morning.  We each go through all of the contents of our pile, then I will put the casserole into the oven before we start opening the presents under the tree.

My husband will get up very early to put a brisket on the smoker (this is only the 2nd year for this tradition, but I already love it).  We went today to buy salsa from the place that makes our fav salsa and then went to Rosa’s to buy homemade tortillas.  So we will have smoked brisket tacos tomorrow in the early afternoon.  The point is that it is all pretty easy food so that we can focus on playing with the kids and their toys.  My family really never did a formal dinner on Christmas Day.  We always had plenty to eat, but our day was centered around staying in our jammies until late, playing with toys, and being with our family.

It dawned on me this year that I don’t think any of my sisters, nor I know how to make my mom’s homemade bread or sticky buns.  She is a very young 74 (almost 75), but I think it’s time that one of my sisters step up and learn how to make these things.  Not sure which one of us it will be…  That’s probably a blog for next time.

Merry Christmas to you all!  I pray many of God’s amazing blessings for you!