I haven’t been married all that long, but I think I almost forgot how dating makes you feel sometimes.  That was until I had a teenager.  Somehow having a teenager reminds me of dating.  “Mom, I need some new clothes.  When can we go shopping?”  The days leading up to the shopping event are bliss. The teen is helping around the house, wants to spend time with the parents, and ever so sweet.  The moment he goes shopping and gets what he wants, though, he is out of there.  It’s almost as if the seat in the car is burning his hind end, he needs to get out of the car so fast!  The days that follow are filled with more silence.  What happened to that sweet boy wanting to spend time with me??  Oh, but here he is again…  “Mom, I need some new shoes to go with my new clothes.”  And it starts again.  Sweet, helpful, and attentive.  We buy the new shoes and he looks so handsome now.  And oh, can we stop and pick up lunch, too, at his favorite restaurant?  Sporting new clothes and shoes, belly full, he is off with his friends again.  But mom, I love you!

How is it that my teenage son reminds me of a bad dating relationship?  Are girls like this, as well?  Was I like this?  Surely not!  I was such a lovely teenager.  Ummm, well never mind.

I still think that the smartest thing ever was having a baby while having a teenager.  Yes, I will be one of the oldest moms when the little one is in school, BUT here are the benefits.  Right now, I truly appreciate how sweet and loving the baby is.  It saves my teenager from harm at times – I look at baby and remember how cute Mr. Teen used to be. By the time that baby is a sassy teen himself, the current teen will be in his later 20’s and will realize how smart and wonderful Mom truly is.  He will then give me the hope I need to make it through the terrors of the last teen.  See how smart I am?  I learned it from my brillant parents!  They had 4 in 5 years (OMW) and then me 9 years later.  I feel positive that either my parents realized that I would turn human again in a few years OR most likely, they were just too tired to care what a brat I was when I was a teen.